The Angel Reading Process & What to Expect

It’s a blessing to support you in connecting with your angels.  Every Angel Reading is unique and tailored to your specific needs.  Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from your Angel Reading.

Opening Prayer:  I will begin with a prayer blessing, and will then call in love and light and invite the angels to join us. A sacred beautiful space is created and the energy around us is filled with loving and light.

Sharing of Intentions:  After the opening prayer, I will ask you if there is a specific focus for the session. You will be invited to share the purpose you came for your reading and to present any questions or concerns you would like to have addressed during your session.

Making Contact with the Angels:  During the session, I attune to the angelic realms to help facilitate the flow of information to you.  My angels and guides have a very loving, lighthearted, and sometimes humorous energy. The reading is always a beautiful and powerful experience and no two sessions are alike.  The Angels guide the content and flow of the session based on your needs and questions, as well as what is important to know at that particular time in your life.  The Angels main purpose during the session is to help you to gain clarity, and to heal and/or to transform your life.  Each session is customized to the client’s energetic needs.

Practical Application of the Energy on the Earth Plane:  When appropriate, I will assist you in creating empowering action steps you can take to practically apply  the information you received during your reading into your everyday life; as well as tips on how to continue to facilitate emotional and/or physical healing after the session.

Concluding Prayer:  The session will conclude with a final prayer of thanksgiving. I will call in the Angels to clear any energies that have been released, and to also cut any etheric cords which may have been forged during our session.  This helps to anchor your energy into the new and empowering vibration created during the session.

After the Session:  During a reading there is a positive surge of energetic and emotional movement.  This flow of energy may continue for the next few days (primarily during the next 12 hours).  It is recommended that you allow yourself some quiet space to either reflect or to ‘just be’ for at least 6 hours following your appointment.  Here are some suggestions to help you to center yourself in a space of love and peace: take a relaxing bath in Epsom or sea salts, meditate, practice yoga or qigong, listen to relaxing music, journal, etc. Remember, this is your time to continue to be healed by the Angels.  Allow their gentle, loving, and healing energy to continue working with you to balance out your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy.