Client Testimonials


"I have had several readings in the past but it was truly amazing that she could do this without ever meeting me, seeing me, or knowing me and be so accurate. All my questions were answered unbelievably. At the end of the reading Dar had indicated that a motherly maternal person who had passed came through instantly popping into my head is a woman who I have not been in touch with for several years that she would say I was like the daughter she never had. the minute she said Roses it confirmed it was her. She had always prided herself in the many rose bushes she had planted around her house. She loved when they were all blooming. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. It brought me to tears. I asked questions that were heavy weighing on my heart for a while and after the reading I just feel better. Lighter more inspired. My mind seems clearer. Less cluttered." ~ J.S., Orange County, CA. Angel Reading/Psychic Mediumhip


"I believe that Dar has a gift from God and will always seek her council." ~ M.P., Canyon Lake, CA. Angel Reading/Psychic Mediumship


“I felt such a sense of joy and closure after this reading. Now that I better understand a Angel Reading, it opened up a lot of doors to questions I would love to learn about.” ~ J.H., Mission Viejo, CA. Angel Reading.


“Accuracy was amazing. She (Dar), through her angels & spirit guides as well as  mine, answered my questions. I felt like she was telling me things as if she, and her angels and guides had been watching me, like a movie. The insight to myself was right on in every way! I have known this for so long and hope to one day overcome my obstacles. The answer to the first question was exact and am so happy on the insight and what steps I need to take. Again, I told Dar that this came at a time in my life that I so needed.” ~ P.O., Huntington Beach, CA. Angel Reading/Psychic Medimship


“As far as the accuracy, I was seriously amazed and overcome with emotion, (Good ones) :) on how accurate she was, and how it all rang true for me. I believe she has a true gift and felt very blessed to have her read for me, and to be a part of her course work. Much of what she said I needed to hear. It gave me hope, and has inspired me. I will be listening to the mp3 recording of my reading again, and also from time to time when I feel that I need that confirmation again.” ~ R.J., Orange County, CA. Angel Reading.


“I received the copy of my MP3 reading last night and listened again. My reading was awesome she got everything I was feeling and what was going on in my life and gave me clear insights and directions . . . “ ~ J.W., Orange County, CA. Angel Reading.


“It was amazing and so right on! It was what I need in my life right now. Her accuracy was stunning. She ( Dar) and her angels and spirit guides along with mine, answered my question(s) and the insights to my questions were right on in every way! Totally on point in regards to my health concerns. I told Dar that this came at a time in my life that I so needed.” ~ P.O., Huntington Beach, CA. Angel Reading.


“I was very happy with the reading I got - it was truly awesome and it not only answered my question but even helped me realize why I wanted to ask it in the first place! I am going to go to Dar for another reading in the future and I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends for a reading. There were several instances where I was surprised at how right-on the information was - like she had overheard a conversation - or read some of my journal musings! It seems like my angel spirit guides are paying attention! I'm glad they opened up to me through Dar and her angels and guides. It's nice to have the reading on an MP3 file so I can go back and re-listen. There was so much information - I know I didn't get it all the first time.” ~ S.D., Orange County, CA. Angel Reading.


“Since the etheric cleansing, I do feel lighter - perfect for springtime... I actually fell asleep during the cleansing, so I didn't feel anything during, but after - I felt a lot more energetic - got some yard work done this weekend, and have been putting that off for months!” ~ I.L, Mission Viejo, CA. Remote Etheric Cleansing.

“Wow! Dar is extremely blessed with the gift of intuitive insight!. I had a mediumship reading with her and was blown away by her accuracy and the insights she received from her Angels and mine. In my mediumship reading Dar was able to connect with father and my pets. I had the most amazing emotional healing after the session as I was deep in grief over the passing of my father. I will definitely refer her to my friends and will book another appointment as well!  ~ K.F, Temecula, CA. Psychic Mediumship.