Mediumship Readings for Humans and Pets

A Medium serves as a channel between

 you and your loved ones who have

passed over to the other side.

Accuracy, integrity, and compassion

ensure a meaningful session.


      "Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there - I did not die"

~ Mary Frye



The benefits of a Mediumship Reading are varied.   Not only does a Mediumship Reading help you to process and to begin to heal your grief after a loved one has passed, but Mediumship Readings also serve to validate and give you comfort that your loved ones are OK and that there is life after death.  Most importantly, Mediumship Readings help you to heal any unresolved issues with loved one who has crossed over to the other side.


Dar works with her Angels and Guides to connect with your loved ones who have passed.  She begins by receiving information to demonstrate and validate that she has connected with your loved ones who have crossed over.  This may be relayed to Dar in the way of verbal expressions, personal or physical traits, and/or specific incidents that occurred when the loved one was on the Earth plane. Once this connection is established, the loved one – pet or human - can give messages through Dar to you. You may also ask questions and receive answers.  Dar does all of her Mediumship Readings from a place of love, integrity, and compassion.

Resolution and Closure

A Mediumship Reading can serve as a means for comfort and closure. Resolution of unaddressed issues between you and the loved one often come to light and, with this, forgiveness and healing.  As a Medium, Dar guides you through the grieving process by providing clarity and insight during a time of great difficulty and loss. Our loved ones on the other side really do want you to be happy and move forward with your life.

To Schedule a Mediumship Reading

To schedule your Mediumship Reading please click on the "Schedule Appointment" button below. Readings are available both by telephone or in person.  Also, as a gift to you, I include a free mp3 recording of your session. After recording your session I will send you an email with a link where you can download the file and review it at your leisure. You can also elect to record the session yourself if you wish. [Please note that I am not responsible for any technical difficulties that may occur when recording your reading, corrupt mp3 files, and/or your inability to download and play the file.] All readings must be pre-paid prior to your appointment. You may also schedule your session by email at Group readings are available. Please email us for our rates and policies.

 30 Minute Session - $85.00

 60 Minute Session - $160.00

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