Absent or Remote Etheric Cleansing 


Also known as a "Divine Tune-Up" -

By restoring balance in the etheric body stress and tension are released causing noticable lightness in your mind and body as well as a greater sense of wellbeing.



The auric field and the chakra can be tuned up just like a car and can help even the most stressed out person regain their sense of calm and inner serenity regardless of what is going on around them. A full auric and chakra clearing and rebalancing is much more than a mere energy adjustment but instead affects you on a deeper spiritual, emotional and mental level by releasing blocked energies in your mental, emotional, physical bodies, and by allowing for you to open up to the natural, vibrant, radiant flow of these energetic pathways. By restoring balance in the etheric body much stress and tension is released causing a noticeable “lightness” in your mind and body as well as a greater sense of general wellbeing. 


What an Etheric Cleansing Session C0nsist of:

  • Removal of entity attachments - These are negative thought forms that are of an astral nature. They are not who you really are, but we tend to identify with them. Many times, when we feel out of sorts or not quite ourselves, it is because of these negative types of energies have attached themselves to us. 
  • Cleansing of the Auric Body – this helps to restore balance to the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. 
  • Re-harmonization with Divine Love - This energy field has to do with your connection to Divine Source. The Divine Love Field wraps everything up and embraces everything. It strengthens your connection to your Higher Self and Divine Source.
  • Cleansing and rebalancing of the Seven Major Chakras - The chakras are like energy vortexes and are similar to step down transformers. Subtle energies are processed via the chakra system and are distributed throughout the physical and subtle bodies.  Your 7 main chakras are connected to and work hand in hand with all the vital organs in your body. When one chakra become out of balance, the body becomes out of balance and the related organs become vulnerable to “dis” ease.  It is important to take care of your chakra system with the same love and concern that you do your physical body. Anytime there is something going on in the body that shouldn’t be, it is due to an underlying blockage or issue in the corresponding chakra that requires attention.  By rebalancing the chakras your organs can function in harmony and unison; in turn restoring peace, health and happiness.
  • Removal of Etheric Cording -  The chakras often have "etheric cords" protruding from them. These cords, which energetically look like surgical tubing, extend to chakras in other people with whom we've had relationships.  Etheric cords are most commonly forged first with our parents and siblings, and then later to our current and “ex” spouses, children, pets, lovers and ex-lovers, close friends, and can even be forged with inanimate objects such as your home or apartment.. Fear within our relationships forms these cords. The fear may be characterized as co-dependency, attachments, fear of abandonment, or un-forgiveness. Etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people. Therein lies the problem with having them. If the person to whom you are attached is having a life challenge, that person will siphon energy from you. He or she will draw upon your energy supply through the etheric cord. You will then feel drained, without knowing why. Very often, the people you have had sexual relationships with are attached to your sacral chakra. The people with whom you've experienced conflict are attached to your solar plexus. Those who you grieve over are attached to your heart chakra. Those with whom you've had painful relationships, or relationships where you carried all the weight, are attached to your shoulders. This is, in my experience, the root cause of shoulder and neck pain. When we are attached to our home or geographical locations, etheric cords extend from the bottom of our feet into the ground. Cutting cords doesn't mean, "I don't love you or care about you anymore." Cord cutting doesn't necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships. It simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationships with love and for the highest good of everyone concerned.  


When to Have an Etheric Cleansing: 


The best time(s) to have a full Remote Etheric Cleansing session is when you feel stuck and are not moving forward (either personally, professionally, or financially), when a project you are working on isn't moving forward, when you are experiencing recurring or chronic health problems or addictions, when you are feeling energetically drained with no logical reason why, and when you are experiencing metaphysical disturbances, such as poltergeist activities or ghosts.


To Schedule a Remote Etheric Cleansing:

Etheric Cleansing Sessions are done remotely.  A remote session means that the client is at home, preferably lying down in a darkened quiet room, for a minimum of one hour.  For more information regarding the process and what to expect click on the following: How to Prepare and What to Expect.


To schedule your session please click on one the "Schedule Now" buttons of your choice below.  All readings must be pre-paid prior to your appointment. You may also schedule your session by email at appointments@whispers-from-heaven.com.


  Remote Etheric Cleansing - $85.00


"Squeaky Clean" Package; Etheric Cleanse & 60 min. Angel Reading - $230.00


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