Remote Etheric Cleansing - How to Prepare & What to Expect

 A remote session means that the client is at home, preferably lying down in a darkened quiet room, for a minimum of one hour.

Divine Awareness will assist me to connect to the clients Higher Self at the scheduled time (Pacific Standard Time) and perform the clearing. Remote sessions are for those who are used to energy work and enjoy a quiet environment where their attention is turned inward.  Many times clients lay or sit down comfortably in a quiet place and either focus on their breathing, allow themselves to fall into a light meditative state, or just close their eyes and allow themselves to take a nap.

Many clients report seeing colors, energy releases and experience numerous sensations in the body and around the body!  There are other clients who are very new to this work and do not feel or see anything. This is fine as the clearing works regardless of whether one feels or sees anything.  

Sometimes, though not always, a “healing crisis” may occur after having this type of Remote Etheric Cleansing work; such as being or feeling very emotional, perhaps having some aches and pains. When it occurs, it is a natural process of healing and nothing to be alarmed about. It is what can sometimes occur when the body is being brought back into balance. The important thing to remember is to try not to be attached to the feeling or experience, just let it pass. Don't analyze it or judge it.

I do this type of work from a place of non-judgment and a compassionate heart, not from a place of personal ego. I do not diagnose or have any expected outcome other than allowing Unconditional Love to restore natural balance in whatever manner is most appropriate for the client. The client's Higher Self and Divine Source determine the outcome. All healing comes through Love, Compassion and Forgiveness for self and others.


How it Works:

The Contact:  Upon confirmation of your purchase for a session Dar will contact you by e-mail or telephone prior to your appointment to  request your birth date, your birth name, your location (city, date, country), and your intention for the clearing.

The Clearing:  On the agreed upon date and time Dar will proceed with the Remote Etheric Clearing.  The client is responsible for remembering his/her appointment and for doing what he or she can to be in a quiet relaxed state.  The Remote Etheric Cleansing will still be effective should the client “forget” his or her appointment, but the experience of the clearing may be diminished. 

Remote Etheric Cleansings usually take between 45 to 60 minutes. Within 48 hours (of business days of Monday through Friday) Dar will follow up with an e-mail to the client with a synopsis of the energy imbalances she perceived and cleared from the etheric body, as well as with any tips or additional resources which may be helpful for you to stay energetically clean.