SOUL Flow™ Soul Memories Reading

SOUL Flow™ Soul Memories Readings give you clarity! Their purpose is to provide you with new insights for living life to the fullest.

Are you feeling “stuck” or blocked in your career, relationships, or finances?

Are you a persistent procrastinator and can’t seem to figure out why?

Do you feel as if you have hit your own financial ceiling and that no matter what you do you can’t break through?

Do you keep repeating the same negative pattern over and over again?

Are you plagued by constant negative self-talk?

Do you often self-sabotage yourself and your results – such as moving toward your goals and dreams with enthusiasm, and then for some unknown reason you just stop?

Do you feel that you have to struggle and strive through life?         

Have you tried everything . . . yet things seem to never change?

The truth you need to hear is this: It’s NOT your fault!

Often the symptoms listed above are clues that an issue, pattern or belief is energetically working against; you like a strange unseen force field or barrier. This unseen force causes you to not only feel limited in life, but ultimately robs you of your potential by causing you to ‘hide” your TRUE infinite self.

This unseen force is also known as ENERGY BLOCKS, and manifest themselves in several ways. However, often these issues and patterns are also rooted in a past life experience that is influencing and directing your present life. These contracts, vows, agreements, promises, or oaths are all bonds limiting your potential. They no longer serve you in this present life time but are so strongly imprinted that subconsciously you can't imagine life without them.

The strange thing is that sometimes they aren't even your programs! More often than not it is the subconscious voice within sabotaging and derailing your life choices as a result of negative programming from your past and present lifetimes.

Energy Blocks are subtle, silent thieves; they silently rob the life out of you.

But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where they come from. They come from a wide variety of different sources… and most often, people get “infected” with these when they are growing up, between the ages of 3 and 7. And not surprisingly, the most common and most damaging of these blocks are transmitted (albeit unknowingly) from parents to children.

Words and labels are the primary carriers of these blocks. You know, the standard words like…

“It’s too expensive.”
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”
“There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage.”
“Some people are born lucky, but not me.”
“You’ve got to sacrifice something to win big in life.”
“Hard work is the ONLY way.”
“I’m not a good organizer.”
“There’s not enough for everyone.”
“I am too old.”
“I’m justa wife/husband/dad/mom/single-mom/grandparent.”
“I’m not thin/tall/sexy/beautiful/outgoing/smart/talented enough.”

and so on…

These statements are energy. They solidify and gradually settle down in the depth of your mind like rocks sinking into the middle of the ocean. Obviously there is nothing wrong with rocks sinking down into the sea, except that these rocks are tied to your dreams — so when they go down, they drown your dreams in the process.

Are you ready to free yourself and to take back your personal power? Schedule your SOUL Flow™ Soul Memories Past Lives Reading & Energy Clearing today!

Using my intuition along the help of my Angels and Guides I can tune into your past lives and take a look inside your energy body to discover where your energy blocks are and help you to clear them away – forever.

Here is just a sample of what will occur during your Soul Memories Clearing:

  • Research of the Akashic Records to find the root cause or origins of the Soul patterns, agreements or vows made that are continuously being played out in different life themes – and removing them.
  • Retrieving your missing, damaged Soul fragments and returning fragments that are not your own.
  • Clearing of your SOUL energy field and reeducating and realigning the Soul of its present life purpose.
  • Greater understanding of your life's purpose and how to bring your life more into alignment with it
  • Discover and release your biggest blocks to experiencing the flow of love and/or financial abundance in your life.
  • Learn powerful, actionable tools to create the results you want in your life.
  • Re-harmonize your life by learning to harness the vibration of love.
  • Access proven techniques to receive the guidance you need from Spirit – whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Empower yourself with the tools you need to heal yourself and manifest what you want.

Understanding your past history will help to provide you with new insights on how to live your present life to the fullest, as well as to reconnect you with the Divine plan that is the highest and best for your Soul’s Journey!

Choose from three separate packages:

Soul Memories Past Lives Reading and Clearing: A general past lives reading and clearing that is designed to clear most Soul patterns and energy blocks that are preventing you from living your present life with joy, abundance, and love.

Soul Memories Past Lives Reading + Wealth Clearing: This package is the same as the general Soul Memories Past Lives Reading except that it focuses on specific blocks that are hindering you from having and receiving financial abundance in every area of your life.

Soul Memories Past Lives Reading + Relationship Clearing: This package is the same as the general Soul Memories Past Lives Reading except that it focuses on specific blocks that are hindering you from finding, and receiving love and harmony in your most significant relationships such as that with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, or children.

Each SOUL Flow™ Soul Memories Package consists of the following:

  • Pre-session Questionnaire
  • Akashic Records Soul Profile
  • Soul Clearing & Energy Clearing
  • A Detailed Written Report
  • 1 to 1.5 hour “Debriefing” Session with Angel Reading (via telephone)
  • MP3 Recording of our session together

Please note that Past Lives Reading and Clearing sessions are performed done "remotely", and preferably when you are in an environment where you are able to to relax without being disturbed by people and/or pets.

Also, your "Debriefing" Session with Angel Reading will NOT be scheduled on the same day, but will be scheduled after your Soul Clearing from Dar; and preferably within 3 to 5 days afterwards, after you have had a chance to read the written report of what your clearing revealed. This will not only allow you to reflect on the information you have received, but will also enable you to write down any questions you may have for additional clarification during your Angel Reading.

 SOUL Flow™ Past Lives Reading and Clearing - $295.00


SOUL Flow™ Past Lives Reading + Wealth Clearing - $425.00

SOUL Flow™ Past Lives Reading + Relationship Clearing - $425.00

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