Angel Readings 

Angel Readings give you clarity and are filled with love. Their purpose is to inspire, encourage, and uplift you.

Not your conventional psychic reading! Angel readings are a beautiful way to receive divine guidance with loving clarity from your angels. During your angel reading, I attune to the Angelic realms to bring forward wisdom and guidance. Each session is Divinely designed for your unique energetic needs to not only assist you in reaching greater levels of clarity and love in connection with your life journey, but also to help you to improve the overall quality of your life as well.  Sessions are done either in person, or over the telephone and can include angel messages, channeling, energy work, and spiritual coaching.


Your session can be used in several ways including:

  • Intuitive Angel Readings; a general psychic reading using the wisdom and guidance of the Angels
  • Spiritual Coaching - setting intentions, connecting with inspiration, & setting empowering action steps
  • Releasing mental and emotional blocks as well as limiting beliefs
  • Strengthening your connection with your own Angels and Guides
  • Healing relationships with those who have crossed over
  • Exploring Past Lives
  • Channled Messages with the Ascended Masters & Beings of Divine Light


To schedule an Angel Reading:  

To schedule your Angel Reading click on the "Schedule Now" button of your choice below. Readings are available both by telephone or in person.  Also, as a gift to you, I include a free mp3 recording of your session.  After recording your session I will send you an email with a download link so that you can download the file and review it at your leisure.  You can also elect to record the session yourself if you wish. [Please note that I am not responsible for any technical difficulties that may occur when recording your reading, corrupt mp3 files, and/or your inability to download and play the file.]  All readings must be pre-paid prior to your appointment. You may also schedule your session by email at Group readings are available. Please email us for our rates and policies.


 Yes!  I am ready to schedule my Angel Reading:

Ready to experience a loving, and transformational experience of a one-on-one session with Dar? Click on the Schedule Appointment button below to get started. For additional information about the reading process and/or what to expect during a reading please click here: The Angel Reading Process and What to Expect.  


30 Minute Session - $85.00

60 Minute Session - $160.00


"Squeaky Clean" Package; 60 Min. Angel Reading & Etheric Cleanse - $230.00

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