Who is Dar?

Dar Payment is a certified Angel IntuitivePsychic Medium, and Angel Card Reader and has been a professional intuitive & metaphysical consultant and psychic channel for over thirty years.  In addition to psychic channeling and mediumship readings, she offers distance energy clearing, past lives readings, and clearings, and teaches empowering workshops in metaphysics, psychic development, and tarot.

Visit www.DarPayment.com for further information about Dar Payment and additional "live" and online classes and workshops that she provides.

As a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach Dar is dedicated to professional and ethical readings. These readings of highest standard has helped hundreds of clients in need of truthful insights and counseling on a regular basis. Each reading with Dar is confidential and personalized to the needs of the client. For client testimonials please visit our Testimonials page.


        Dar's Professional Ethics Concerning Readings:

  • My angels and guides are not fortune tellers. We will not answer any questions such as: What are the winning numbers for the state lottery? Will my horse win at the races tomorrow, etc?
  • My angels and guides will gently, lovingly, and directly tell you what information we receive. We might not tell you what you want to know, but we will always tell you what you need to know. The general rule for a reading is to therefore not ask any questions that you really don’t want to know the answer to.  As an example, a woman recently requested a reading with me and asked the following question: Is my husband cheating on me? I promptly asked her if she was open to hearing whatever information I receive. Her reply was a firm “no”.
  • My angels and guides do not give health readings and will not “diagnose” issues in the body.  An example would be to wake up in the morning with a lump under your armpit and ask if you should go see a doctor. The prudent course of action to take would be to seek professional medical advice. However, I can help to ascertain energy blockages in the body and clear them. Please see our Remote Etheric Cleansing page for further information.
  • My angels and guides will not perform a “third-party” reading.  An example would be to ask something like, “Will Fred divorce Wendy?” Or, “Will my son Frank join an ashram in India?” The goal and purpose of an intuitive angel reading and/or channeled reading is to give you clarification and insight to improve the quality of your life - and not for you to get information about what Fred or Frank is going to do.