Welcome to Whispers-From-Heaven.com! Intuitive Angel Readings, Mediumship to connect with loved ones and pets, Etheric Cleansing, Past Lives Readings, and Classes & Workshops to help you to discover the Divine Potential within.  I am happy that the Angels directed you here.  Love, Light, and Abundant Blessings to you . . . 

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Angel Readings 

Dar is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Your Intuitive Angel Reading may include the use of angel cards, channeling, energy clearing and spiritual coaching.


Transformational Coaching & Past Lives Reading

Transformational Coaching & Past Lives Readings provides you the opportunity to not only bring new vibrancy to your heartfelt goals and dreams, but to supercharge them as well! You will be encouraged to take action, clear blocks, and to connect with your own inner guidance.


Certified as a Psychic Medium by  Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dar can help you connect with your loved ones or pets who have crossed over to the other side. All readings are done with utmost love and compassion.



Are you interested in learning how to fully embrace not only your Divine Potential, but also your intuitive gifts?  We have a variety of online, self-study, and in person classes for you to choose from. 

 Etheric Cleansing

Also called a "Divine Tune-Up" - an energy clearing helps to rid the energy body of psychic and emotional debris which have accumulated over time.  Energy Clearing is a subtle, non-intrusive work; ridding you of what is no longer serving you, for your greatest good.